My Role as a Metrologist and Engineer in Climate Protection: The Importance of ITS-90 Temperature Fixed Points and Precision Thermometers

Thomas Klasmeier
3 min readJun 28, 2023


As a metrologist and engineer, I have the privilege of contributing to climate protection. Through my work with ITS-90 temperature fixed points and the development and calibration of precision thermometers, I contribute to providing accurate measurements and data that are essential for the progress of our efforts in climate protection. In this article, I would like to share my experiences and explain the significance of these tools in climate protection.

My Work with ITS-90 Temperature Fixed Points

In my work as a metrologist, I extensively deal with ITS-90 temperature fixed points. The International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) is a fundamental tool in metrology that enables precise and consistent temperature measurements worldwide. The temperature fixed points are based on the physical phase transitions of selected materials such as water, gallium, or mercury. They are used for the calibration of thermometers to ensure accurate and consistent measurements.

Development and Calibration of Precision Thermometers

As an engineer, my focus lies on the development and calibration of precision thermometers. These advanced measuring instruments enable extremely accurate temperature measurements and are used in various industries, including environmental monitoring, climate research, and industrial manufacturing.

Precision Thermometers in Climate Protection

Through my work with precision thermometers, I directly contribute to climate protection. These instruments allow researchers and environmentalists to collect accurate and reliable data needed for the exploration, modeling, and monitoring of climate phenomena such as global warming. By ensuring that these measuring instruments are precise and reliable, I contribute to improving climate models and making climate protection measures more effective.

My Contribution as a Metrologist and Engineer

I am grateful to be able to contribute to climate protection in my role as a metrologist and engineer. Through my work with ITS-90 temperature fixed points and precision thermometers, I ensure that climate researchers and environmentalists have access to precise and reliable data, ultimately leading to the improvement of climate models and more effective climate protection measures.


As a metrologist and engineer, I am convinced that metrology and engineering are crucial areas in climate protection. The precise measurements enabled by working with ITS-90 temperature fixed points and precision thermometers form the basis for informed decisions and targeted actions to combat global warming and other climate-related challenges.

Furthermore, my work promotes international collaboration by providing a global standard for temperature measurements. This common foundation facilitates communication and data exchange among scientists, governments, and organizations worldwide, thereby supporting the collective effort in climate protection.

In a time when climate protection is becoming increasingly urgent, it is encouraging to know that my daily work as a metrologist and engineer contributes to shaping the future of our planet. I am determined to continue improving the accuracy and reliability of temperature measurements and using my expertise to support global efforts in climate protection. Through the continuous development of technologies and methods in metrology, we can together create a more sustainable and livable world.



Thomas Klasmeier

Thomas Klasmeier is an engineer and metrologist. He runs a calibration laboratory and develops precision thermometers.